Thank you Dominic Carter from FiOS/RNN for this incredible piece about thp and CODA Week!

COD is the combination of one or more mental health challenges and substance misuse. With approximately 10.2 million Americans meeting the criteria, the diagnosis of COD is one we all need to understand.

the harris project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization created to promote, support and advance prevention, education, screening, intervention and treatment opportunities to improve the lives of adolescents through young adults presenting with symptoms of and/or diagnosed with co-occurring disorders (COD). 

Thank you to Tim Lamorte, Jackie Lupo and the editorial staff at THE RIVERTOWNS ENTERPRISE for putting the harris project on your list of top 10 stories for 2014. This was our "jumping off point". Hard to believe it has been 3 years of bringing co-occurring disorders: out of the shadows and into the light!

THANK YOU to all the students and staff at high schools across Westchester County, NY and in Greenwich, CT who participated in our Inaugural CODA Week (April 1-8, 2017)!


Our "awareness bracelets" are a wonderful representation of the harris project and CODA and logo.  There are thousands being worn throughout the country, especially on high school and college campuses!